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Trevor McCurdy

Trevor McCurdy is a 25 year old who has been battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma now for 3 years. He was initially mis-diagnosed and had an apple size tumor in his chest when finally diagnosed. He is a singe dad of a 9 year awesome daughter " Ryleigh" whose mother passed away last summer.

He has been through 5 surgeries, 3 different types of chemotherapy, 2 different rounds of radiation, and the beginnings of stem cell therapy. As of July 16th, he is at UNC Chapel Hill undergoing a CAR T-Cell therapy test trial that is focusing on his certain antigen.

A Riverside High and Fine Arts Center graduate, Trevor is a musician who enjoys the local "sound scene". Trevor’s parents Mike and Rene McCurdy, have both participated in past C3 rides as cyclist. His family including younger siblings Madison and Henson enjoy Trevor's entertaining sense of humor and musicality.

Trevor McCurdy
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