Cynthia Black

Philippians 4:6

"Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything."


My name is Cynthia Black, and I’m Married to Thomas Black. We have 2 adult children, Shelley and Jordan. I graduated from Winthrop University in 1991 and am a member of Tri Sigma sorority. I met Jennifer Jerina in my sorority and were roommates at Winthrop. Jennifer's husband Ron also went to Winthrop. I am very honored to be nominated by Jennifer and Ron Jerina. They are both an inspiration!!


I was diagnosed with Breast cancer, July 2020. The year of covid and cancer.


July Mammogram:  I waited over a year due to COVID to get my annual mammogram….I was supposed to get my yearly mammogram in May 2020. With covid, I was scared to go and finally went in July. I was called back for another mammogram then an ultrasound. The mass was very small, and the doctor said if I came in May it may not have shown up. Only blessing of covid that the mass was visible, and treatment could begin as soon as possible. 


First diagnosis: Radiation. Ultrasound didn’t show cancer cells in the lymph nodes. 


AUGUST 2020:  Lumpectomy and lymph node removal. Pathology report showed cancer in the lymph nodes. Therefore, Chemo and Radiation. That was a most horrible day!!


I had wonderful support of my husband, family, church family, friends, and work friends. In August, my daughter moved to VA to start a new job and my son went back to college. My husband, Thomas did everything at home and took great care of me. His love, support and care were amazing!! It has been an emotional roller coaster. I am incredibly grateful to all my support system. I had wonderful doctors and nurses. My chemo nurse, Chris was the best. She had a lot of tips on what to do for the side effects. I listened to Chris, and I thank Chris so much for taking great care of me at SCOA.



·       4 chemo treatments every 2 weeks – Adriamycin & Cytoxan. I slept a lot and didn’t have a lot of energy.  Appetite decreased. Some Foods didn’t taste good. 

·       12 weekly Taxol chemo treatments. Weekly steroids which caused no sleep and weight gain.  

·       30 rounds of radiation.  Every day during the week. Last 2 weeks were hard. Very tired and the burn at the lymph node area was bad. I was constantly applying lotions.


2/16/2021 – Finished Chemo and rang the BELL!!

3/23/2021 – Finished Radiation and rang the BELL!!


Good news!  May 2021 – my mammogram report came back great and that was an incredibly happy day!  I will continue with mammograms every 6 months.  Please get your regular cancer screening tests completed! 


Treatment moving forward:  I am taking a daily medication which is a hormone blocker for several years because my cancer was fed by estrogen and progesterone. I will see the oncologist every 3 months until they tell me otherwise. They will follow me closely which is great.  I know I can face any future health issues with the help of family, friends, and God.