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Jane Simpson

My journey began in February 2006 when I accidently discovered a lump in my left axilla. I was 45 years old. I had just moved back home to Laurens, SC in December 2005 so I needed to get established with a GYN. After doing so, was scheduled for a mammogram, which did NOT show my very palpable mass. The radiologist came out and observed an ultrasound and it was still difficult for him to see, but he found it! I still have the original mammogram report that says my very first mammogram was completely normal. From there, I went to see a surgeon who did a biopsy which revealed that I did indeed have breast cancer. From that moment on, it was numerous, testy, doctor visits, which led to a mastectomy, reconstruction and chemotherapy that started on October 3, 2006. I have two sweet sons, Drew and Jordan, that depend on me for their care. Therefore, losing this battle was NOT an option that I allowed myself to entertain. By the time the surgeon gave me the official report, I had already had such a peace from God that He was going to see me through this. I am truly blessed to say that I was so blessed by God in so many ways. I have a wondrously generous loving and supportive family who was by my side EVERY step of the way, especially my Mom. I have had the best health care team I could have possibly asked for. I also had my own personal “Chemo Angel" named Cassie! After the sickness and hair loss (in the wintertime) from chemo and the reconstruction, things were slowly getting back to my new normal. Then, forward 2 12 years later only to be told that I have yet another form of aggressive cancer (uterine) and that I will need to have a complete hysterectomy and allow the surgeon to removed anything necessary to remove this cancer from my body. I was advised that I would have to have the surgery probably followed by chemo and or radiation. Once again, God had ME! After the surgeon performed my complete hysterectomy, appendectomy (cells were covering it too) and checked needed lymph nodes, I was given wonderful news! Surgery would be the only treatment needed for this cancer! No chemo! No radiation! Again, I was very blessed! 

One of my most favorite Bible verses that sees me through many of my difficult times is Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. In February 2020, just before COVID 19 rocked everyone's life, my father passed away from Lewy Body Dementia, which is a very difficult disease to watch a loved one go through. Shortly thereafter, I found out that my breast implant from my reconstruction was being recalled as it has been causing other forms of cancer! Soooo, once again, this year (2021) has been spent having more surgeries. In March, I had the recalled implant removed, and a new expander placed. On August 4, I will have a new implant placed, a mastectomy on my other side with an expander placed there. Then, probably in December, I will have the final surgery to remove that expander and have a new implant placed. This is where, I pray, that my final cancer involved surgical history will finally end. I have a BEAUTIFUL granddaughter, Nora, who is now almost 2 years old, and I want to finally be fully able to spoil her rotten. I look forward to helping my mother, who is in the final process of building a new house, decorate it and make it a part of our new family home! My family is all thriving, and everything is looking so much brighter for our future. I am truly blessed beyond measure and am so very thankful that I am able to have my mom accompany me on this very exciting trip! Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime!