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Thome 2021

Kristie Thome

I am Kristie Torres Thome and I’m a stay-at-home mother in Upstate, SC. My husband, Tim, and I have 5 children: Jake (27), Meg (26), Riley (20), Addison (18), and Kellet (12). I’ve spent the last 15 months home-schooling Kellet, who is autistic and has other special needs. Tim and I are avid cyclists and ride 100-200 miles per week.

In March of 2021, I went for my annual mammogram and got a call back about some micro-calcifications. That appointment was followed by a diagnostic mammogram and a stereotactic core needle biopsy, which led to the diagnosis of breast cancer in my right breast (3/31/21). I was shocked, as there is no history of cancer in my family. April brought many more appointments: MRI, genetics testing, meeting my surgeon and radiation oncologist, another diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound (other side), etc. Surgery to remove the cancer was delayed from the end of April to the beginning of May so my husband and I could attend a cycling event in Tennessee.

Even though May continued to bring many appointments, my life seemed to be getting a bit back to “normal”. I met my medical oncologist and had follow-up visits with my surgeon and radiation oncologist, which led to me finding out that I’d need radiation and hormone therapy. I declined the hormone therapy and I’ll be done with radiation by mid-July.

Most people (including our youngest child) don’t know I have cancer, as we haven’t “announced” it. I have 2 areas on my left side that are being watched and I’ll have another MRI in October. When I’m finished with radiation, I hope to be able to put this cancer chapter behind me. My husband, older kids, parents, sisters and a few close friends have been my support system throughout this life-altering experience and I am forever grateful to them.