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Jason George

Jason George lives in Aurora, CO with his wife and 9 year old son.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, camping and boating.  By far, his favorite activity is to do anything with his son.  Prior to cancer, they would go on hours long bike rides to explore the fields by our house.  They would also do many trips to the zoo, museum, parks, Bass Pro Shops, and pretty much anywhere they could cause shenanigans together.  In fact, you can be guaranteed that if those two are in a store together, it is easy to find them by following the laughter.  Jason loved driving around to find different parks for them to play at.          


Jason’s battle with bladder cancer started years before he was officially diagnosed in May 2019.  There were several doctors’ visits to discuss symptoms that were present.  Due to him being in his early 30’s at the time, each doctor told him his symptoms were a normal part of aging.  This is due to the fact that bladder cancer mostly affects older men.  As time went on, his symptoms became much worse.  In early 2019 it became unbearable and we were finally referred to an urologist.  From the very first scan they knew immediately it was cancer.  Jason’s tumor had grown so large, they were unable to see the whole bladder and it was blocking his right kidney.  After the first surgery they determined it was stage I at that point, as there was no evidence the cancer had spread beyond the bladder wall.  The biopsy confirmed the cancer was aggressive.  After 3 additional surgeries and two rounds of immunotherapy, in June 2020 we received the news there was no evidence of further growth.  It wasn’t long after that Jason noticed a lump that was growing rapidly.  A biopsy confirmed it was metastatic from the bladder and he was now at least stage III.  His oncologist was amazed that there still was no growth outside of that lymph node.  Jason started what was supposed to be 6 rounds of chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, the tumor continued to grow and it was causing him intense pain.  After the 4th round, the doctors decided it was best to stop and schedule a radical surgery as soon as possible.  Jason is currently scheduled for surgery on June 25. 


While Jason has suffered physically through this trial, his spirit has remained strong and steadfast, focusing on God’s grace and goodness.  He has continued to sing God’s praises and to trust in Him throughout this trial.  There have often been times he has been the one to encourage his family and to remind them to not lean on their own understanding, but to trust that God’s ways are far beyond ours, and that His plans are always good.  We are grateful to Challenge to Conquer Cancer and Robin George for choosing Jason to be a Warrior.