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Sharyn Rosenberg

My Cancer story begins after a routine Calcium Score, CT Scan indicated a “mass-like enlargement in the right Hilum”.

On my birthday in 2019, I underwent biopsy of the mass which was diagnosed as Stage 3, non- small cell Lung Cancer.

Afterward, I received daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy to reduce the tumor. Unfortunately, my surgical team determined that my tumor was inoperable. As a result, my Oncology team placed me on biweekly Immunology Infusions for a period of 12 months.

Post Immunotherapy PET Scan indicated that my tumor responded and had reduced in size.

Today, 7 months post Immunotherapy, my PET Scan indicated that my tumor was stable with no new growth!

This June for my Birthday, I will be spending 2 weeks with my oldest daughter traveling to California to visit family, sightsee, and pamper myself at a spa in Malibu.

Sharyn Rosenberg
Sharyn Rosenberg
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