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Cindy Kay

Hi, I’m Cindy Kay. Some of you might know me better as Sandy Thrasher’s sister.  I live with my husband Charlie. We have one son, Bill and a daughter in law, Hayley who live in Atlanta.


Charlie and I are both retired and begin our day every day walking our dog Rooster for a few miles in our neighborhood. I like to play Duplicate bridge, swim, yoga classes, water aerobics, and bicycling. (not the cycling of the C3 cyclists, just a bit on the Trail but mainly around the neighborhood)

We like to go to the beach with family and friends and manage to get to Edisto twice a year. I enjoy swimming in the ocean.

I have been to Maine the past two years as a greeter and support for the 2021/2022 warriors. What a moving and wonderful experience. The C3 team has been an inspiration to me. So much heart and dedication. Hearing the warriors and their brave stories swelled my heart and teared my eyes. This year I will be a warrior too.

I found my breast cancer in the shower in early January. I had had a mammogram seven months earlier, but there it was. Unmistakable. So, I went through the same process as most people with breast cancer, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI.

The MRI detected two more cancers, so I became bilateral. But I am so lucky. All three cancers are Stage 1A and I got a positive, positive, negative on a test which means I did not have to take chemotherapy. I did need three lumpectomies and lymph nodes removed from both underarms, but all is going smoothly. I am taking radiation treatments each week-day and going to the Cancer Institute each week because I have lymphedema and Cording on my left side, a result of the lymphatic system going into trauma when lymph nodes are removed. They are wonderful there.

My entire care team has been fabulous. I am grateful to each of them.

Cindy Kay
Cindy Kay
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