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What is the Challenge to Conquer Cancer (C3)?

C3 is a 7 Day relay ride from Greenville, SC to Lewiston, ME that raises money to find a cure for cancer and to improve survivorship.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a $275 fee for registration that covers cycling kit (jerseys, arm warmers and vest) and general expenses of the organization.

Is there a fundraising requirement?

Yes, C3 exists to fund research and programs to improve survivorship.  As such, each rider must raise $5,250 (which includes the registration fee) and each support person must raise $2,750 (which includes the registration fee).  A new "Virtual Rider" category is required to raise $500.  Fundraising can be completed through individual contributors, corporate sponsors and fundraising events.

Where is the money used?

Currently there are three organizations that benefit from C3 fundraising:  Prisma Cancer Institute, Cancer Association of Anderson and Dempsey Center.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, Challenge to Conquer Cancer is a registered 501(c)3 all donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

How does the two day ride work?

All two day riders depart with the team on Saturday and ride a full shifts on Saturday and Sunday.  Transportation will be set up to return the 2 day riders back home by Sunday evening.

What is a virtual rider?

A virtual rider is someone who does not go with the team on the 7 (or 2) day trip; however; they participate locally through either rides where they live, cancer related volunteer work or any other way the participant wants to spend their time during the time the team is on the road.

What about safety?

As with any event taking place on open roads, there is a risk of accidents.  That is why, on C3 events, rider safety is paramount to everything we do.  Each team on the road has a team vehicle with them most of the time (depending on terrain, traffic and team requests).  Walkie-talkies are used by riders and support drivers to warn of unsafe conditions, traffic, etc. 


In addition, each event typically has had a medic on the ride.  The medic, while not with the team each minute, is available to handle an emergencies that may arise.

In the end, it is our policy that the medic and team support have final say on rider safety (e.g. unsafe road conditions, medical decisions, etc).

What is a typical day like?

There are typically 4-5 teams of 4-5 riders each.  Each day, teams will ride a combined 16 hours with 4 hour segments.  One team will ride four hours and then transition to another team.  The finishing team will then drive ahead to the hotel for the night.

How are meals handled?

Typically, breakfast is eaten at the hotel.  Each rider is also provided with a daily stipend to pay for meals.  Because teams are on the road at different times there are no set schedules.  Most evenings, at least two teams will join together for dinner.

Where do riders spend the night?

Designated hotels are scheduled and reserved in advance.  All hotels are paid for by C3.

Are there requirements for riders?

All riders should be able to ride at least 4 hours over varying terrain.  We have have had riders between 18 - 70+ years old complete the route.  While challenging, the ride is manageable by all riders.   The only other requirement is to raise the required funds.

Is there training available to get me ready for the ride?

Absolutely.  A full training plan is available to take any level of rider and help them get ready for the Ride to Maine.

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