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Bernadette Wayson

I am Bernadette Wayson. I live in South Carolina with my husband of 33 years and Sam, the goofiest rescued dog ever!

When I was a teenager, a friend told me, in my life there was never a dull moment, that there was always adventure, good or bad! Looking back today, I see the truth in every word of that statement.


Adventure has followed me through every journey of my life, from leaving home at a young age to sail the eastern US coast, suffering a vertebral artery dissection with TIA at age 28, to raising 3 super kids who are now forging new adventures of their own!


So when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2015, I knew I was starting on a new adventure, one that would take me, as well as my family and friends through the roller coaster of emotions, pain and sometimes even laughter. In September that year, the cancer was removed and soon after I began a course of chemotherapy. At that point, no cancer was found.  I was on the road to recovery and prevention! That is when I discovered the most amazing programs available to cancer fighting patients. Programs so many people around the world provide financial support for in some way, just as C3 is doing today. For me, this included programs encouraging lifestyle changes in every aspect of well-being. I attended very challenging fitness sessions, yoga, nutritional classes, and a number of classes on topics for whole body healing. What I found in addition to a healthier body was an enormous community of the most caring and supportive people. I say this because, in a personal fight against cancer, those surrounding you can give hope and encouragement, and in that, strength to fight.

Thank you to those riding bikes this year and to all the volunteers past, present, and future who make cancer fighting and surviving programs like this possible!!! You are truly my adventure heroes!


I feel so honored to have been asked to welcome your arrival in Maine this year!

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