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Donna Daigle lived in Oregon with her husband, Dan Dunham, and here is her story:

Donna felt fine until April 23, 2018 when she began feeling tired and a little off. On April 24th she began slurring her words and mixing up numbers at work and thought she was having a minor stroke. A CAT scan and MRI were done in the ER that evening and identified a mass in her brain. She had surgery on April 27th for a biopsy and to remove part of the tumor. Due to the location, only about 1/2 could be safely removed. She was diagnosed with primary glioblastoma, grade 4. Interesting note, Donna had an MRI on her head in November 2017 for a sinus issue and no tumor was there.

Although not considered a curable cancer, both radiation and chemo were started on May 22nd. Donna had a mild seizure in mid July and tests results confirmed that the tumor had grown much quicker than anticipated. Treatments were stopped and Donna returned home under hospice care. Sadly, Donna passed away with family and friends by her side.  Please keep Dan in your prayers as he moves into a new phase of his life.

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