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If you are interested in sponsoring the Challenge to Conquer Cancer, please consider the following opportunities.  Simply hover over the picture you are interested in and then click on the dollar figure to take you to the website to place your secure order.  Benefits for sponsors may include:

Social Media Publicity

Email Recognition Blasts

Logo/Name on C3 Website

Logo/Name on C3 Trailer (only $5K sponsors)

Logo on Team Jersey/Vest

Logo/Name on Event Vehicle (only Vehicle Sponsors)

C3 will work with you to recognize your sponsorship in the manner that best suits your needs.



Warriors are the heart of C3.  Each year, C3 flies each warrior and one guest (at no cost) to join us for a weekend of celebration and remembrance.  For many, this is the only "vacation" they get due to treatments. 


Each rider is required to raise $5,000 in order to participate in the Challenge to Conquer Cancer.  Funds go to our beneficiaries (Prisma, CAA and Dempsey) to be used for studies, treatments and survivorship programs.



The Challenge to Conquer Cancer events could not happen without our support personnel.  We need drivers, medics and massage to keep the team moving forward. 


Each team has a SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle following them to provide safety and post-ride transportation.  The sponsor's logo and name will be prominently displayed on the vehicle.


The post-event celebration dinner is a chance for riders, support, warriors and family to celebrate togetherness, share stories about the ride and the meaning of C3.

Celebration Meal

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