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Carol Campbell

My name is Carol Campbell – and I am a survivor!!

My life before the cancer diagnosis in 2017 was a normal one filled with family, friends, fun, riding my bike on the swamp rabbit trail, church, bible studies, travel and working as an IT project lead at United Health Group insurance company. The diagnosis was stage 1 breast cancer that required chemo and radiation following a lumpectomy. 

Little did I know how much CIOS would impact and change the direction of my life. The Moving On rehab program turned me into a healthier and stronger person than I was before my cancer diagnosis. The yoga classes for oncology survivors were so encouraging and another way to become healthier overall. I took advantage of the nutrition classes to get my diet back on track. 

Right after I completed the 12 weeks moving on program, I retired from UHG with an early retirement package.  

Soon afterward I met Gina Franco at the Dragon Boat event who helped me take the first steps to becoming a volunteer. I started volunteering in July 2018 – manning the front desk in the cancer center and helping the trainers at the Life Center for the Moving On program. Thanks to CIOS I found my life’s new calling. 

A few years later I started volunteering in the CIOS department on the 1st floor of the cancer center. And I’ve been there ever since. It is really an eye-opening experience to see the knowledge and expertise and research that is done right here in our very own cancer center. To know that the research is done here in Greenville and in conjunction with other cancer centers is exciting. I know that these wonderful people and their time is spent making it possible to have more advancements and research thanks to the monies raised by C3. The survivor programs help to spur patients on to the next steps in life. Every day I volunteer I get to see in person, behind the scenes, all these dollars at work. I keep volunteering because in small ways I can help the teams that are working in bigger ways to advance cancer treatments and life after cancer. 

My recent diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer in Sept 2022 is my latest challenge. But this time around I am a survivor who is prepared with the best knowledge and right tools. All this is accessible to me thanks to CIOS and the team members of CIOS who guide me through it. Thanks to the Lifetime Clinic my metastatic cancer was found very early and I’m glad to say that I f feel great and am doing great!  


Every day I am so very thankful that I have the LORD Jesus as my personal Savior. Without Him and my faith in Him my life would be a very different story. Life is hard enough, with or without cancer. I can rest assured with hope that no matter what comes next, I know I am eternally secure to live with Him forever. 

Scripture tells us in Hebrews 6:19

We have this HOPE as an ANCHOR for the soul – firm and secure.

Carol Campbell
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