What an honor it was to be able to represent The Challenge to Conquer Cancer at the annual Survivor Day Celebration with GHS.

Jeni Schumacher was joined by Dr. Gluck in being the guest speakers for a luncheon that took place on 6/8/14 at the Embassy Suites.

Dr. Gluck

Dr. Gluck has made some profound movements within the Development and Research for cures using the UT at the ICAR.  Our Funds that we raise have been able to fund some of these programs.  There were over 500 survivors that attended when Dr. Gluck announced that since 2009 we have accounted for over 14,000,000 SURIVIVORS!  That is unreal.  They are projecting that in 2020 to have 20 million survivors.  The C3 is so excited to hear of this news and to be actively involved with promoting and advocating for this to happen here in Greenville!!  WAY TO GO GHS!!

Check out the Video that explains how GHS is taking the Journey of Cancer to a different level!


Jeni Schumacher shared her journey and shared the Challenge to Conquer 2013 Video.  It is 12 min long.  It will take you from the start of the C3 journey leaving GHS and going through every state with the different teams and finishing in Lewiston, ME.  Very inspirational.  Thanks goes to Lisa Carpenter Photography. Click on her name and you can see all the pictures from our trip.  She is amazing!

If you would like more information on this year’s ride which takes place on September 28th-29th.  Please contact Ron Jerina at 864-380-6788


Jeni Schumacher at 864-607-0284.

Both are available via email as well: ronjerina@gmail.com and  jeni@roadwaves.net.

We will be having several informational meetings to assist with any questions you may have including how to fundraise.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact either party.

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